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Carmen Sprague

Executive Board President

Message From The President


As we get ready to wrap up another season here at the league, it seems this year flew by.

It's always a mixed bag here; you never know what will happen from minute to minute.

The Board is always working hard to keep things fresh and current; we have lots planned for the fall and new season..

I hope everyone has a fabulous Summer filled with family, friends, Art and most importantly rest and relaxation.

It's always important to spend time...on reflection and renewal.

As the Office closes for the season on June 1st, keep in mind Open Painting, Student Sundays and various classes will be on going throughout the Summer.

Please check the website and Facebook for any updates.

Please keep yourselves safe.

And we will see you...on the flip side.

Carmen Sprague

CCAL Incoming President

Executive Board Vice President and Treasurer

GlennHewittVP, treasurer

Glenn Hewitt

Executive Board Secretary


Christine Dekkers

Executive Board Education Director


Pat Gilbert

Executive Board Grant Writer Director


Judy Biddle,

Committee Chair Members - Call 239-772-5657 for information

Denise Haley: Commitee Chair Gallery Shows

Commitee Chair: Youth Programs (Open position)

Barbara Choyke: Committee Chair: Gift Shop

Analilia Clay: Committee Chair: Web Development