Featured Artist - October 2019

Kathy Gibbs

Art is meditation.  You get lost in it and still your mind.  I think I enjoy the process more than the art itself.  In teaching art, I get to share my love for it with others.

I studied art at the University of Hawaii, but to learn art is a life-long endeavor.  I always have been involved in making some kind of art, but I began to paint at age 36.  My work has been exhibited in various Art galleries on the Big Island as well as the East Hawaii Cultural Center, the Volcano Art Center and the Wailoa Art and Cultural Center in Hilo, Hawaii and now at the Cape Coral Art League.  My work was sold at Omri Saint Gilles Fine Art Gallery at the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel in Kona and at the Toulouse Lautrec gallery on the scenic drive road just outside of Hilo.   I taught art for 2 years to a group of Girl Scouts in Hawaii and now offer classes at the Cape Coral Art League.  I work in Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor and Pastel mediums.  It’s hard to decide on the vibrancy of pigment available in pastels, the looseness and sparkle of watercolor or the juiciness of oils.  I love them all for different reasons.  

No matter what medium I’m working in, I begin my process by finding a strong composition of lights and darks.  By staying true to the value changes and the light the painting seems to paint itself. For classes or to commission a painting contact Kathy Gibbs at 808-987-0735.


Featured Artist - October 2019

Denise Millheim

Isn't CCAL the best!  I mean really.  My life has been turned around by this wonderful organization and its members; I am happy and proud to be a member.

Hailing originally from NY and NJ, I settled in FL about 40 years ago married with twin girls. To relieve the pressures of my career as a mental health therapist, I often turned to art.

With no formal training in art, I started with stained glass, then sumi-e and eventually watercolors. It seemed I was always trying to 'get the paint to do this or that' which is often 'hit or miss'. I took classes at CCAL and learned to be open to the process and try not to get in my own way.  

The overwhelming yearning for the unfolding and emergence of that which is veiled spurs me onward, which is what eventually led me to encaustics – the veiling and unveiling.  I learned art is not a product.  Art is rather an expression, a voice, a conduit, an existence.  If it grabs hold of you, watch out - your life will never be your own again.

Art, for me, is a way of beholding beauty, harmony, and fulfillment.