Betsy Koscher

Enjoy a bit of info!

Ms. Koscher is an accomplished Cape Coral artist, who began teaching at the age of 7 when she drew a horse on TV.

She studied art at The Rhode Island School of Design along with numerous well known art mentors Gregory Manchess, Ruth Sanderson and others.  Betsy has won awards in sculpture, portraits, still life painting and landscapes and has had commissions on homes, pets and people, murals and public art sculptures.

She has taught art for 15 years to both children and adults.  Several of her students have won awards and prizes for painting and sculpture and many went on to further their talents in art schools.  Some have won the Cape Coral Burrowing Owl student art contest.

"Miss Betsy", as her students call her, has a way of inspiring creativity, motivating kids to paint, draw and produce many fantastic pieces.  But most of all - each student will have LOTS OF FUN!  Take a peek at her website at: